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Oct, 2018

2018-19 Club Volleyball Information

It's almost club volleyball season!

This year we are offering teams at 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U. We are planning on having tryouts on Nov. 4 for 12U and 14U and Nov. 14 for 16U and 18U teams. CEVA rules dictate when we can hold tryouts, which is why those are dates for this year and why we can't change dates. The tryouts will be held at SOU from 2-3:30 p.m. for the 12s and 14s and from 7:30 to 9 on the 14th at Ashland Middle School for the 16s and 18s and I will email a confirmation with exact times the week of tryouts.

WHY AVC: This is the second year of Ashland Volleyball Club. The club was developed to serve as a feeder program for Ashland High School and Ashland Middle School and give girls in Ashland a local option for club volleyball that has been missing. We want AVC to help with the transition from youth to middle school, middle school to JV and JV to Varsity and to help with the quality of play in Ashland. It also gives the girls an another season to play with each other.

SCHEDULE: After tryouts, the season will run from the first of the year through early March, depending on the tournament schedules. We will practice twice a week in Ashland. 

TEAMS: Our goal is to have teams at the 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U level this year.

COSTS: Costs will vary depending on number of teams but here's an estimate of dues for this year. 12U around $350, 14U around $450 and 16U and 18U around $500.


COACHES: We will select coaches from the Ashland community and current and former volleyball players from SOU. Coaches in the Ashland High program cannot coach our 16U or 18U teams. Who coaches and how many depends on how many teams we will have.

12U TOURNAMENTS: The 12U team will play 5-7 local tournaments throughout the year.

14U TOURNAMENTS: The 14U team will play in local tournaments and also go to Eugene for the President's Day Tournament and also a Northern California tournament. If we have multiple 14U teams, we may also have just a local team.

16U and 18U TOURNAMENTS: The goal for the 16U and 18U teams would be to play a couple local tournaments, but also play tournaments in Eugene, in Northern California or any place else we can find tournaments to give our teams exposure to different level of play. If we have a second 16U team, that team will play mostly local tournaments.

18U NEW FOR THIS YEAR: We are looking to venture out into the 18U world this year, but to do this we need to make sure we get enough players to sign up. The reason to have an 18U team would be to get "varsity level" players playing with each other to help get the program ready for the next year. If there is not enough 18U players signed up, we will let you know the week of tryouts so you can still have time to tryout with another club.

EXTENDED SEASON: Right now we are not in the spot or have the resources (gym space, coaches, funding) to continue after the normal club season. Our season will end close to the time that open gyms start at the High School for high school students, so that's what we will consider our extended season.

PLAYING BASKETBALL OR OTHER SPORTS: We encourage everyone to play multiple sports and will work around practice times and games so we don't have to worry about interfering and all of our coaches will work with the athletes as long as they know ahead of time.

AVC ROLES: Bobby Heiken is the Director of the club and owns the AVC business. I take care of the administration and logistics of the club, scheduling, dues, insurance, apparel and general oversight. I have 17 years of administration of College Athletics, including the last 11 at SOU. Laura Morse is the Varsity Head Coach at Ashland High School and she oversees the volleyball decisions (team assignment, etc). Heiken and Morse work together on the selection of coaches. Travis Christian has three daughters in sports in Ashland and also helps with logistics of the club.

TRYOUTS: 12U and 14U will have tryouts on Nov. 4 at SOU. 16U and 18U will have tryouts on Nov. 11 at SOU. We will have a $10 tryout fee due the day of tryouts and all athletes need to be registered with our club through AAU. Click on and register your daughter with our club with our code WY77C8